How to maintain personal hygiene during the epidemic(COVID-19)

How to maintain personal hygiene during the epidemic(COVID-19)

COVID 19 has now forced people to change the way they live; folks are now concentrating more on how they would keep you and your family safe and sound. 


If you are wondering how to maintain personal hygiene during the epidemic (COVID-19), then don't break a sweat because we will tell you all about it. 


We know that you might be very confused and what to clean and what not to take care of. 


First, keep yourself safe:

Before taking care of others and your surroundings, make sure that you keep yourself safe and sound, take care of your hygiene. 


Take the essential precautions that the government has told you to take such as, 


  • Keeping hands off your face. Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose from your hands because maybe they don’t seem dirty, but there can be a thousand germs lurking to get inside of you through your nose and mouth. 


  • Don’t sneeze in the air or on your hands. Sneezing on the air or your hands will transfer germs from your mouth to your hands, which can then move to other surfaces. 


  • Keep a safe distance of 6 ft from the people around you. 


  • Never forget to wash your hands, wash them for at least 60 seconds to take all the bacteria off of them. 


Use warm water:

Did you know that Lukewarm water is proven to be more effective when it comes to removing germs from your hands and face?


Whenever you are washing your face, washing your hands, or taking a shower, then make sure that you are using warm water. Warm water is also very soothing and will relax your mind from all this stress. 


Keep your safety condiments close:

You would need other stuff, too, such as hand sanitizer, mask, wipes, gloves, etc. Keep your safety measures close to you. 


Buy pocket-size wipes and sanitizer, make sure you dispose of your mask and your gloves. Don’t use them more than once. 


Disinfect your surroundings:

You need to take care of your surroundings, not just yourself. Use various disinfectants, sprays, and soaps to wipe out and keep your house and your office space clean. 


Make sure that you clean the spray after you apply it; you also don't need excess spray on the surface because that could also be dangerous if you came in contact with any food substance. 


Disinfect your laundry:

After your face and your hands, your clothes are the most exposed part of you when you go out. Cleanse your clothes accurately, use antibacterial detergents to clean them. 


Moreover, whenever you enter your house after a long day, then use an infected spray to spray your clothes before you take them off and clean them. 


Final words 

Keeping your body, yourself, and your surroundings clean can be stressful, but it's essential to keep them tidy, and these tips above will help you keep your hygiene in place. 



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