Which places need to Clean most at Home after Being Sick with the Flu

Which places need to Clean most at Home after Being Sick with the Flu

When you are sick from flu or cough, you should be extra careful; this is because the flu is only the starting; your body becomes vulnerable and weak when you are experiencing the flu, and different diseases get attracted to you. 


When you are caught up with the flu, you should make sure that your surroundings are neat and clean, so that any kind of germ that is harmful stays away from you. 


Places you need to clean the most:

These are the following places that you need to keep clean daily. 


Clean the most touched place- your phone. 

If you or your child is experiencing cold and flu, you should make sure that you wipe your phone with any disinfectant at least once or maybe twice in a day. 


Around 90% of the germs are transferred to your phone, you keep it anywhere, and it's continuously in use. Make sure you keep it very clean so that no embryo or bacteria from the surface is transferred on to you through your phone. 


My gadget that is used the most. 

Not just the phone, there are plenty of things that are used the most in all households such as gaming control, the TV control, the air conditioning control, and much more. 


Use different types of disinfectant sprays and soaps along with wet wipes to clear out any surface that you might suspect has bacteria on it. This act would not only be suitable for the person who has the flu, but it's also better for people around him. 


Your bathroom:

Your bathroom might seem like the cleanest space out of all due to the color, lighting, and because it has water usage throughout the whole day. But no, it’s the most contaminated place out of all. 


Germs and bacteria are lurking around everywhere, from your toilet bowl to your sink; if you want to prevent any bacteria from spreading, then you need to make sure that you are using the best toilet cleaning appliances and soaps that are anti-bacterial. 


Also, when your bathroom is not in use, close its gate, and prevent the bacteria from entering your living space. 


Any stuffed thing.

This is very important if your child has the flu or cold, they would probably need their favorite toy near them. But as we all know that a stuffed toy goes through immense rough usage. It’s sometimes stuffed with food and tea from the tea parties. Most of the time, it's thrown on the floor due to tantrums. 


This is why you need to make sure that your child’s toys are clean before they use them. 


Your bedding and clothes.

Fabric attracts bacteria the most. At the same time, you are cleaning your house. Make sure you take care of all the sheets and the bedding too. 


Final words. 

Taking care of someone who has the flu or cold can be a little challenging but with the right precautions taken, you could kick the diseases out of your house in no time. 



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