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Masthome® Spin Mop with Bucket Set

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Brand: Masthome
Mop Pole Length: Adjustable 107cm(40.8In) to 128cm(51.2In)
Bucket Set Size: (45.5 x 25 x 21.5 cm)18"x 9.8"x 8.5"
Material: Stainless Steel, PP, Microfiber
Package Includes:
1 Spin Mop
1 Bucket Set
4 Mop Pads


Features & Functions

1. This spin mop and bucket system has an agitator in the water reservoir for spin washing and loosening dirt, and a spin cycle uses centrifugal force in the dryer basket for wringing water out of the mop head to desired dampness. Your hands stay clean and dry with this self-washing and wringing action and no physical effort is needed.

2. Our products feature large wheels and 2 handles for easy mobility while cleaning. When you move the bucket, you can oblique and lift up it a little. If you try it, you may find moving the basket become easy. The two sides have prominent parts, you should put the mop to align the parts which can help you clean easier. When you use the dryer basket you should let the mop drenched which can help put the mop into the dryer basket easier.

3. Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling has longer service life than plastic. It can adjustable up to 47.24 inches, with no separate extension needed. Improved Sturdy Construction of Stainless Steel Mop Handle. Handle pivots and rotates 360° to clean hard-to-reach areas.

4. Lower noise, and no damage to the floor surface. Our product has a reduced water resistance device that helps you wash the mop easier. Perfect mop and bucket system for cleaning your hardwood floor, tile, concrete, and even glass windows. Additional drain pipes for the quick draining process.


    Masthome® Spin Mop with Bucket Set