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Masthome® Dustpan and Brush Set

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Brand: Masthome
Material: Bamboo, PP (Shovel Body and Feather), PET (Brush Bristles), TPR (Shovel Mouth), Chenille (Feather Pad)
Brush Length: 28.5 cm/11.22 inch
Brush Bristle Length: 8 cm/3.14 inch
Shovel Dimension: 31.5 x 22 cm/12.4 x 8.66 inch (Length x Width)
Duster Dimension: 35 x 8.5 cm/13.77 x 3.34 inch

Package Includes:
1 x Hand Brush
1 x Dustpan
1 x Chenille Duster


Features & Functions

【Exquisite Design】The handle was designed for comfortable handling, made of PP plastic and bamboo, it has a smooth surface and an ergonomic angle to sweep the floor or any other surface.
【Smart Play】 Comes with a brush, dustpan, and duster. After brushing the shelf, desk, table, countertop, or floor, you can dust it for a cleaner condition.
【Better Cleaning】The bristles are stiff but soft, and the dustpan has a serrated edge that works as a combination, if there were hair and other messes stuck, this would help clean the brush. The rubber edge can grip the tight floor, debris, hair, dust, dirt and other messes could barely stay.
【Easy to Store】The brush handle can be cut into the dustpan exactly, convenient to store and make your storage organized. Or you can hang them on the wall, they don't take up too much space.
【Microfiber Dust】Picks up debris efficiently. Velcro design, chenille pad can be removed and machine washable.





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